How to Purchase IPSX Tokens with Card or Bank Transfer

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Wondering how you can purchase IPSX tokens with a card or through a bank transfer and don’t know how? Then this tutorial is for you!

1. First you will have to head over to our FIAT gateway partners. You can do that by heading over to this link:

2. Select the amount you want to purchase and the currency (EUR/USD/etc)

3. Proceed to selecting the payment method (card or bank transfer)

Note: you will need to register on our partners platform in order to finalize the purchase and complete the KYC verification in order to withdraw the tokens.

4. Withdraw the tokens from the FIAT Gateway to the IPSX Wallet.

Note: if you do not know your IPSX wallet you can find/generate it on this page:

5. Once the transfer from the FIAT Gateway to the IPSX wallet is complete, in just a few minutes, you will see your IPSX balance being updated.

At this point you are ready to purchase proxies from the IPSX platform.