How to deposit IPSX tokens into your ballance using MyEtherWallet

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Don't know how to deposit IPSX tokens using MyEtherWallet? Then this tutorial is for you!

Step by step guide:

1. Head over to

2. Click on the second tab at the top called "Send Ether and Tokens"

3. Select the type of your wallet and unlock it

4. In the "To Address" field write down your IPSX wallet

Note: You can find / generate the IPSX wallet by visiting this area of our platform:

5. Select the desired currency (in this case IPSX) and input an amount.

6. Click on "Generate Transaction"

7. Click on "Send Transaction" in order to send the generated transaction to the Ethereum network.

Note: After the transaction has been executed and confirmed your IPSX balance will be updated in just a few minutes.