Create new Order

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  1. Go to “Orders” tab;
  2. Click on the “Create order” button (this will redirect you to the marketplace);
  3. Search for the desired IP or IPs;
  4. Add the IPs to the your cart by clicking on “Add to cart” button at the far right of the desired IPs;
  5. Proceed to your cart for checkout by clicking on the “Cart” button at the top right of the page; Note: By default the IPs are locked to the IP from which you connect to the platform. However, you can add extra IPs from which the rented IPs will be accessible by clicking on the “Add optional IPs” button in your “Cart” page.
  6. Click on the “Finalize Order” button to complete the process. Note: After finalizing your order it can take a few minutes for the IPs you rented to be ready for use.

For further information regarding the setup of a proxy please visit the “How To” section of the HELP page.