About Staking Program

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  • Provide an Ethereum Mainnet valid ETH address which has a balance of at least 200.000 IPSX tokens. Please make sure that you are NOT using an ETH address from an exchange account and that you are in control of its private key.

  • Subscribe to our Telegram Group and provide your telegram ID by filling out your profile on app.ip.sx. You can join our Telegram Group here: https://t.me/IPExchange if you haven’t done it already.

How does it work:

  • IPSX Staking Program 5 will last for 2 months.

  • 200.000 IPSX tokens are required as a minimum amount to be accepted in the staking program.

  • The staking reward is 10% of the staked IPSX tokens. Example: 400.000 staked IPSX tokens will yield a reward of 40.000 IPSX tokens.

  • The total amount of tokens allocated for IPSX Staking Program #5 is capped at 50 million IPSX tokens.

  • After enrolling in the IPSX Staking Program #5, your staked IPSX tokens can be increased but not decreased. Increasing the amount of staked IPSX tokens will be reflected in the staking reward every month.

  • The 10% reward is conditioned by staking (holding the IPSX tokens in the same ETH address provided at the registration) for the entire period of the IPSX Staking Program #5. Any drop below the initial staked IPSX tokensamount will lead to an automatic exit from the program AND no reward will be given.

  • The IPSX reward tokens will be received in the same Ethereum address that is used for staking IPSX tokens.