About IPSX Affiliate Partnership Program - How IPSX Referral works

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About IPSX Affiliate Partnership Program 

How it works? Step by step guide:

1. Register or LoginYour personal referral link is already created in the IPSX platform, once you’ve registered.  After your IPSX account is created, you can check your profile: click on your email address on the top right corner of the platform screen. There is a drop down menu from where you select the “Referral” option.

2. Use your personal referral link in social media posts, emails, on your website/blog, and recommend IPSX. Include IPSX banners to get full attention (you’ll find them in the IPSX Affiliate Program kit);

3. Earn up to 60% from the IPSX platform profit of the referred customers.

The reward for each referred customer can be increased for 8 months in a row. Each time your referred customer buys services from IPSX platform you get your profit slice:

  • 60% of the IPSX platform profit shared for the first month;
  • 30% of the IPSX platform profit shared for the second month;
  • 10% of the IPSX platform profit shared for the next 6 months.

Ready to go? Request the IPSX Affiliate Program kit on contact@ip.sx and spread the word about IPSX!