Transparent platform changes

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Feature Change Fix

Version 1.0.8 (31 January 2019)

  • Make sure requesters do not order proxies and set optional IP addresses as any local IP address.
  • Fix setting page error when social token is expired.
  • Create user Security section, for a security insight of IPSX account
  • Users have now the possibility to change their password from security section.
  • As a more security caution, users have also the possibility to invalidate all other active sessions and even put the account in lockdown mode.
  • At login, if user have at least 5 login failed attempts, and eventually manage to login successfully, he will be notify by email regarding this new authentication.
  • Send email notification at login from social networks from unknown devices.
  • Fixes to layout disproportions in subprofile sections.
  • Remove offer from favorite when status is inactive.
  • Do not allow users to attach IPSX wallets to ETH profile.
  • Add 2-Step Verification via Google Authenticator for login, order and withdrawal.
  • As a fallback, at creating order and withdrawal, if 2-Step Verification is disabled, the Account Password is requested.
  • Platform has now multiple themes! If you want you can go with dark or amoled theme, beside default light theme
  • Additional user display settings added, for controlling the platform layout responsiveness and font size.
  • Referral program earnings for purchased proxies by your referrals. Read more on our Help section.
  • Various API fixes and user permissions changes.
  • All platform sections have now filters by status.
  • Upgrade Font Awesome to 5.7.* version.
  • Change platform footer to provide more relevant information and follow global UX.
  • Create user profile Info page, for a cumulative perspective of his account.
  • Correlate each platform section title with browser title page to improve SEO.
  • Improve overall queries where displaying dates and make significant changes to queries from Orders and Proxies sections.

Version 1.0.7 (21 December 2018)

  • New header layout to experience a more immersive platform navigation
  • Various mobile layout responsive improvements.
  • Improve cache system to offers archives.
  • Allow requesters to add additional IP(s) to proxies for authorization.
  • Requesters can now create custom offer demands to providers.
  • If at withdrawal request receive error, and operation is still executed on blockchain, we will log that transaction successfully in your account.
  • Throttle all requests to a maximum 60/minute for unauthenticated users and 120/minute for authenticated ones.
  • Export functionality for user data in different platform sections.
  • Help section now available with widget in all platform pages
  • Users have now the possibility to assign a username to their profiles.
  • Users can now also provide username among email to logged in.
  • Accessibility changes in interface for a better at a glance view details.
  • General fixes and stability improvements.

Version 1.0.6 (4 December 2018)

  • Small SEO optimizations following accessibility and best practices.
  • Create Service Worker in order to serve IPSX offline page when your internet connection is broken.
  • If a transaction is not yet verified, you can not withdraw the unverified transactions amount.
  • For refunds, admins will now provide a reason to justify refund status.
  • Throttle login attempt to maximum 10 attempts/30 minutes.
  • Security changes around user input data
  • At login from a new IP address, user will receive a email notification.
  • Optimize price live update in marketplace.
  • Fix no email exception on social register.
  • Various security and log improvements.
  • Various changes to our internal API.

Version 1.0.5 (05 November 2018)

  • Upgrade jQuery to latest version, to address some security concerns.
  • Upgrade Bootstrap to version 4.1.x.
  • Display IP Version in offer.
  • ETH address is no longer mandatory at registration.
  • Add in house build captcha for login, register and reset password pages.
  • If account is registered with social network, delete request will not require a password.
  • Add more security logs on different use cases at user login.
  • Do not allow users with IPv6 to add offers in cart and finalize order.

Version 1.0.4 (29 October 2018)

  • Improve the marketplace homepage offers listing SQL query by 45%.
  • Drastically improve the single page grouped offer SQL query by 75%.
  • On password change, all user sessions will be terminated.
  • Archive pages for all type of filters available in marketplace. Easy view all proxies from United Kingdom, Dedicated, IPv4 or SOCKS5 protocol.
  • Change the Active proxies specific icon to a more relevant one.

Version 1.0.3 (25 October 2018)

  • If refund request is completed, and proxy is still active, the proxy will be closed.
  • Lock order create when your system is on a proxy IP.

Version 1.0.2 (24 October 2018)

  • Filter offers in marketplace using world map
  • Create coverage page for marketplace offers.
  • Use versioning number for assets for browser cache.
  • Auto refund proxy if no activation within 10 minutes.
  • Fixes to refund system when proxy is in pending activation.
  • Fix missing status message after reset password.
  • Fix refund provider commission message.
  • Provider dashboard improvement on displaying refund for a sale.
  • Review and fix all platforms translate texts.
  • Display guest login/register alert on all pages.
  • Small UX changes.
  • Make sure user lockdown mode prevent any data change in platform related to user.
  • Refactor update/delete ETH address to be more immersive.

Version 1.0.1 (18 October 2018)

  • Requester manual refund.
  • Provider refund commission.
  • Fixes to purchased proxies details.

Version 1.0.0 (15 October 2018)

  • Platform release